Σάββατο 11 Απριλίου 2015

RBL 10.4.2015

Angelika Berlejung, Jan Dietrich, and Joachim Friedrich Quack, eds., Menschenbilder und Körperkonzepte im Alten Israel, in Ägypten und im Alten Orient
Reviewed by Mark W. Hamilton

William P. Brown, Wisdom’s Wonder: Character, Creation, and Crisis in the Bible’s Wisdom Literature
Reviewed by James Alfred Loader

Martin J. Buss, Toward Understanding the Hebrew Canon: A Form-Critical Approach
Reviewed by Colin Toffelmire

Nuria Calduch-Benages, ed., Wisdom for Life: Essays Offered to Honor Prof. Maurice Gilbert, SJ, on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday
Reviewed by Katharine Dell

Volkmar Fritz, The Emergence of Israel in the Twelfth and Eleventh Centuries B.C.E.
Reviewed by Lester L. Grabbe

Hadi Ghantous, The Elijah-Hazael Paradigm and the Kingdom of Israel: The Politics of God in Ancient Syria-Palestine
Reviewed by Aren M. Maeir

Addison Hodges Hart, Taking Jesus at His Word: What Jesus Really Said in the Sermon on the Mount
Reviewed by Joshua Chatraw

Steven L. McKenzie and John Kaltner, eds., New Meanings for Ancient Texts: Recent Approaches to Biblical Criticism and Their Applications
Reviewed by Emmanuel Nathan

R. W. L. Moberly, Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture
Reviewed by Trent C. Butler

Reviewed by Wilhelm J. Wessels

Roger Mohrlang, Paul and His Life-Transforming Theology: A Concise Introduction
Reviewed by Bas van Os

Francis J. Moloney, The Resurrection of the Messiah: A Narrative Commentary on the Resurrection Accounts in the Four Gospels
Reviewed by Richard I. Pervo

Joy A. Schroeder, Deborah’s Daughters: Gender Politics and Biblical Interpretation
Reviewed by Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

Dennis E. Smith and Joseph B. Tyson, eds., Acts and Christian Beginnings: The Acts Seminar Report
Reviewed by Susana Funsten

William J. Subash, The Dreams of Matthew 1:18–2:23: Tradition, Form, and Theological Investigation
Reviewed by Bart J. Koet

Παρασκευή 10 Απριλίου 2015

Δύο άρθρα βιβλικού ενδιαφέροντος στο τρέχον Théophylion / Two articles of biblical interest in the current issue of Théophilyon

Théophilyon 20 (2015)

  • Paul Valadier, "Des versets encombrants. « Toute autorité vient de Dieu » (Epître aux Romains, 13,1)" (abstract)
  • François Lestang, "Un autre roi que César ? Implications politiques de l'évangile paulinien" (abstract)

Το τρέχον τεύχος του SemBib / The current issue of SemBib

Sémiotique et Bible 157 (2015)

  • Michel Costantini, "Images de la « La Samaritaine au puits » - Prolégomènes à la co-énonciation" (abstract)
  • Anne Fortin, "Jésus et les gens de Samarie" (abstract)
  • Raymond Volant, "Lao-Tseu et Jean IV - (Suite au colloque du CADIR des 24 et 25 juin 2013)" (abstract)
  • Philippe Lefebvre, "Les retournements de la parole.- Comment l’invective devient credo (2 s 6, 20-23)" (abstract)
  • Jean-Loup Ducasse, "Outils pastoraux et lecture biblique" (abstract)

Πέμπτη 9 Απριλίου 2015

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του JECS / In the current issue of JECS

Journal of Early Christian Studies 23:1 (2015)

  • Robin M. Jensen, "Compiling Narratives: The Visual Strategies of Early Christian Visual Art," 1-26 (abstract)
  • Philip L. Tite, "Voluntary Martyrdom and Gnosticism," 27-54 (abstract)
  • Benjamin H. Dunning, "Chrysostom’s Serpent: Animality and Gender in the Homilies on Genesis," 71-95 (abstract)

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του JThS / In the current issue of JThS

Journal of Theological Studies 66:1 (2015)

  • David H. Sick, "The Symposium of the 5,000," 1-27 (abstract)
  • Tucker S. Ferda, "Reason to Weep: Isaiah 52 and the Subtext of Luke’s Triumphal Entry," 28-60 (abstract)
  • Benjamin Schliesser, "‘Exegetical Amnesia’ and ΠΙΣΤΙΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΥ: The ‘Faith of Christ’ in Nineteenth-Century Pauline Scholarship," 61-89 (abstract)
  • Michael Wade Martin / Bryan A. Nash, "Philippians 2:6–11 as Subversive Hymnos: A Study in the Light of Ancient Rhetorical Theory," 90-138 (abstract)
  • David Lincicum, "The Paratextual Invention of the Term ‘Apostolic Fathers’," 139-148 (abstract)

Τετάρτη 8 Απριλίου 2015

Ένα άρθρο βιβλικού ενδιαφέροντος στο τρέχον τεύχος του RHPR / An article of biblical interest in the current issue of RHPR

Revue d' Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses 95:1 (2015)

Michael Langlois, "Les manuscrits de la mer Morte à l’aune de la philologie matérielle," 3-31 
This paper offers a methodology for the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls that takes into account their material features. Archaeological context, writing medium, layout, palaeography, orthography, divisions, annotations, and the redaction of these manuscripts must be diligently studied, for each of these aspects may influence our understanding of the literary works under consideration.

Το τρέχον τεύχος του BiblInt / The current issue of BiblInt

Biblical Interpretation 23:2 (2015)
  • Stephen L. Young, "Maximizing Literacy as a Protective Strategy
: Redescribing Evangelical Inerrantist Scholarship on Israelite Literacy
," 145-173 (abstract)
  • Julie Faith Parker, "Re-membering the Dismembered: Piecing Together Meaning from Stories of Women and Body Parts in Ancient Near Eastern Literature," 147-190 (abstract)
  • Frauke Uhlenbruch, "Reconstructing Realities from Biblical Utopias: Alien Readers and Dystopian Potentials
," 191-206 (abstract)
  • Nicole Tilford, "The Affective Eye: Re-Examining a Biblical Idiom
," 207-221 (abstract)
  • Gregory L. Cuéllar, "J. Severino Croatto’s Rereading of Empire in 
Isaiah 47," 222-247 (abstract)
  • Samuel Tongue, "‘What is Language but a Sound We Christen?’ Poetic Retellings as an Improper Surprise for Biblical Reception History
," 248-271 (abstract)

Best Commentaries

Μία εξαιρετική σελίδα με έναν καλά ενημερωμένο κατάλογο όλων των αγγλόφωνων υπομνημάτων στην Παλαιά και στην Καινή Διαθήκη είναι η Best Commentaries. Ένα πολύ χρήσιμο εργαλείο για την ερμηνεία:

Το τρέχον τεύχος του JSHJ / The current issue of JSHJ

Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 12:3 (2014)
  • Franco Fabbro, "The Benefit of Expanding the Cultural, Scientific and Religious Frontiers of Historical Jesus Research: A Review of Rinaldo Fabris’s Gesù il ‘Nazareno’: Indagine storica," 189-206  (abstract)
  • Rinaldo Fabris, "A Reply to Franco Fabbro, ‘The Benefit of Expanding the Cultural, Scientific Religious and Frontiers of Historical Jesus Research: A Review of Rinaldo Fabris’s Gesù il “Nazareno”: Indagine storica'," 207-223 (abstract)
  • Rafael Rodríguez, "Jesus as his Friends Remembered Him: A Review of Dale Allison’s Constructing Jesus," 224-244 (abstract)
  • Dale C. Allison, "Response to Rafael Rodríguez, ‘Jesus as his Friends Remembered Him: A Review of Dale Allison’s Constructing Jesus’," 245-254 (abstract)