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Στο τρέχον τεύχος του Théologiques / In the current issue of Théologiques

Théologiques 24:2 (2016)

Alain Gignac, "Le triangle « Paul — Philémon — Onésime » du billet à Philémon : Lorsque la petitesse, l’amitié et l’utilité construisent une identité discursive," 17-40 
The Epistle to Philemon is examined here at the junction of social criticism and discursive analysis, in order to reflect upon the identity which it puts forward. Whether in the rigid and violent sociological context of the 1st century regarding slavery, or, mutatis mutandis, in the context of the 21st century regarding neoliberalism, this brief epistle is a discourse that both expresses and seeks to go beyond the sociological dichotomy between fraternal relationships in Christ and the hierarchical relationships of submission between persons—a kind of ethical schizophrenia that is not peculiar to early Christianity alone. The social constructs master/slave (Philemon and Onesimus) and superior/client (Paul and Philemon) do not coincide with the structure of the communal fellowship, which rather values meekness and service, and aspires to encourage friendship to the point of fraternal love, thus redefining the true usefulness of persons.

Bernard Duhaime and Camille Labadie, "Les voyages des manuscrits de la mer Morte : Réflexions sur la restitution des biens culturels et le droit international," 183-218 
Since the discovery of the first rolls in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been the subject of many disputes not only theological and archaeological, but also cultural, political and legal. Currently owned by Israel for the most part, these Manuscripts are now at the heart of competing claims insofar as both Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority claim ownership. In this perspective, the present article aims not only at exploring the legal issues raised by the question of the ownership of the Dead Sea Scrolls, more specifically with regard to the norms of international law, but also at exploring the way in which issues relating to cultural and religious heritage retain a highly political dimension due to the involvement of States in their protection, and to the concept of territory they imply.

Peter W. Flint, "Six Viable Readings from Isaiah 1–39 in the Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa)," 219-239 
In order to illustrate the contribution of the Great Isaiah Scroll from Qumran (1QIsaa) to textual criticism, this paper presents six viable readings for Isaiah 1–39, i.e. variants that most likely represent the original Hebrew text. In assessing the cases of Isaiah 3 : 24 ; 9 : 16 [English 9 : 17] ; 18 : 7 ; 19 : 18 ; 21 : 8 ; 23 : 10, the author takes into account the textual character of the manuscript, the scribal habits of the copyist, the work of scholars and commentaries on the Book of Isaiah, recent translations of Isaiah, as well as the context and the overall sense of the passage. In all six instances — with the possible exception of Isa 19 : 18 — the reading in 1QIsaa is found to be compelling. These readings and similar ones should therefore be included as part of the main text of Isaiah (not the apparatus) in future editions of the Hebrew Bible, and part of the main text of Isaiah in future translations (not the footnotes).

Robert David, "12Q Florilegium," 241-253

Το τρέχον τεύχος του Int / The current issues of Int

Interpretation 72:4 (2018)

  • Eva Mroczek, "Hidden Scriptures, Then and Now: Rediscovering “Apocrypha”," 383-395 (abstract)
  • David A. deSilva, "The Apocrypha and the Earliest Christian Movement," 396-407 (abstract)
  • Jennie Grillo, "The Envelope and the Halo: Reading Susanna Allegorically," 408-417 (abstract)
  • Stephen D. Ryan, "The Deuterocanonical Books in Contemporary Catholic Liturgy," 418-429 (abstract)


Ένα άρθρο βιβλικού ενδιαφέροντος στο τρέχον τεύχος του ZThK / A new article of biblical interest in the current issue of ZThK

Zeitschrift für Theologie u. Kirche 115:3 (2018)

Hans Förster, "Der Versucher und die Juden als seine Vortruppen Überlegungen zum Einfluss der Rezeptionsgeschichte auf die Übersetzung einiger wirkungsgeschichtlich problematischer Passagen des Neuen Testaments," 229-259 (abstract)

Το τρέχον τεύχος του DSD / The current issue of DSD

Dead Sea Discoveries 25:2 (2018)

  • Michael Brooks Johnson, "One Work or Three? A Proposal for Reading 1QS-1QSa-1QSb as a Composite Work," 141-177 (abstract)
  • Ariel Feldman, "New Light on the Ten Jubilees of 11QMelchizedek (11Q13)," 178-184 (abstract)
  • Angela Kim Harkins, "Another Look at the Cave 1 Hodayot: Was CH I Materially Part of the Scroll 1QHodayota?," 185-216 (abstract)
  • Andrew R. Krause, "Community, Alterity, and Space in the Qumran Covenant Curses," 217-237 (abstract)
  • Eric D. Reymond, "The Scribe of 1QS, 1QSa, 1QSb, 4Q53 (4QSamc), 4Q175 and Three Features of Orthography and Phonology," 238-254 (abstract)

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O Erich Gruen κι η μελέτη του αρχαίου Ιουδαϊσμού / Erich Gruen and the study of ancient Judaism

Στο γνωστό ιστοτόπο Ancient Jew Review ο Εrich Gruen ανατρέχει στο ερευνητικό του έργο σχετικά με τον αρχαίο Ιουδαϊσμό, εξηγεί τα ερευνητικά ερωτήματα που τον απασχόλησαν και σχολιάζει κριτικά το περιεχόμενο των σχετικών  μελετών του:

Mappa Mundi: ένας μεσαιωνικός χάρτης με στοιχεία από τις βιβλικές ιστορίες / Mappa mundi: a medieval map integrating biblical stories

Στο ηλεκτρονικό περιοδικό Aleteia έχει δημοσιευτεί μία ενδιαφέρουσα παρουσίαση ενός
μεσαιωνικού χάρτη (13ος αι.), του Mappa Mundi, ο οποίος σήμερα φυλάσσεται στον Καθεδρικό ναό του Hereford. Ένα από τα εντυπωσιακά στοιχεία αυτού του χάρτη είναι ο τρόπος με τον οποίο ενσωματώνει διάφορα στοιχεία από τις βιβλικές ιστορίες:

Φύλο και νόμος στην αρχαία Εγγύς Ανατολή / Gender and Law in the ancient Near East

Peled-Structures-of-Power-Cover.jpgΕλεύθερο για καταφόρτωση ένα νέο βιβλίο για τη σχέση νόμου και φύλου στην αρχαία Εγγύς Ανατολή:

Ilan Peled (επιμ.), Structures of Power: Law and Gender Across the Ancient Near East, Chicago: The Oriental Institute, 2018
ISBN 978-1-61491-039-8

Βιβλιογραφία του Glen W. Bowersock / Glen W. Bowersock's bibliography

Στο αποθετήριο του Institute of Advanced Study είναι αναρτημένα κι ελεύθερα για καταφόρτωση κάποια από τα έργα του G.W. Bowersock:

Ένα νέο άρθρο στο τρέχον τεύχος του JHS / A new article in the current issue of JHS

Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 18 (2018)

Mariano Gomez Aranda, "Medieval Jewish Exegesis of Psalm 2"

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Το χιούμορ στη λατινική γραμματεία / Humar in latin literature

Τα πρακτικά του Θ΄ Πανελληνίου Συνεδρίου Λατινικών Σπουδών που διοργανώθηκε τον Μάιο 2011 από το Τμήμα Φιλολογίας του ΕΚΠΑ διατίθενται ελεύθερα στο διαδίκτυο:

Rideamus igitur: το χιούμορ στη λατινική γραμματεία,  Πρακτικά του Θ ́ Πανελληνίου Συμποσίου
Λατινικών Σπουδών Αθήνα, 19-22 Μαΐου 2011,Αθήνα 2014

To τρέχον τεύχος του JSNT / The current issue of JSNT

Journal for the Study of the New Testament 41:1 (2018)

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του ΖAC / In the current issue of ZAC

Zeitschrift für antikes Christentum 22:2 (2018)

  • Austin Busch, "Gnostic Biblical and Second Sophistic Homeric Interpretation," 195-217 (abstract)
  • Paolo Cecconi, "The Codex Sinaiticus and Hermas: The ways of a crossed textual transmission," 278-295 (abstract)

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Το τρέχον τεύχος του JBR / The current issue of JBR

Journal of the Bible and its Reception 5:1 (2018)

  • Katherine Apostolacus, "The Bible and The Transgender Christian: Mapping Transgender Hermeneutics in the 21st Century," 1-29 (abstract)
  • Paul Michael Kurtz, "Of Lions, Arabs & Israelites: Some Lessons from the Samson Story for Writing the History of Biblical Scholarship," 31-48 (abstract)
  • Anthony Rees, "A Father’s Lament Doubly Received: Robert Alter, Nigel Butterley, and David’s Lament for Absalom," 49-60 (abstract)
  • John T.P. Lai, "Dramatizing the Bible in Chinese: The Making of Martyrdom in The Story of the Maccabees (1918)," 61-79 (abstract)
  • Nicholas J. Frederick,  / Joseph M. Spencer, "John 11 in the Book of Mormon," 81-105 (abstract)

Το τρέχον τεύχος του ZAW / The current issue of ZAW

Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 130:3 (2018)

  • Peter Altmann, "Feasting like Royalty in a Time of Famine: Reflections on the Meaning and Composition of the Feast in Gen 43:15–34," 349-363 (abstract)
  • Mark Leuchter, "The Royal Background of Deut 18,15–18," 364-383 (abstract)
  • David Willgren, "Why Psalms 1–2 Are Not to Be Considered a Preface to the »Book« of Psalms," 384-397 (abstract)
  • Urmas Nõmmik,  / Anu Põldsam, "Psalm 86, Its Place in the Psalter, and Group Identity in the Second Temple Period," 398-417 (abstract)
  • Nina Sophie Heereman, "»Where is Wisdom to be Found?« Rethinking the Song of Songs’ Solomonic Setting," 418-435 (abstract)
  • Noga Ayali-Darshan, "The Sequence of Sir 4:26–27 in Light of Akkadian and Aramaic Texts from the Levant and Later Writings," 436-449 (abstract)