Παρασκευή 13 Απριλίου 2018

Το τρέχον τεύχος του BZ / The current issue of BZ

Biblische Zeitschrift 62:1 (2018)

  • Heckl Raik, "Die Rolle Samarias bei der Entstehung des Judentums: Auf dem Weg zu einer neuen Sicht der nachexilischen Geschichte Israels," 1-31 (abstract)
  • Alexander Weihs, "Jesus, der Herzenskenner: Die καρδία-Motivik als Schlüssel zum Verständnis von Mk 2,1–12," 32-62 (abstract)
  • Daniel Lanzinger, "„Der Felsen aber war Christus“ (1 Kor 10,4): Überlegungen zu Funktion und Bedeutung einer schwierigen paulinischen Bemerkung," 63-79 (abstract)
  • Winkler Mathias, "Die drei Sprüche zum „weisen Sohn“: Zur Diskussion um Komposition und Redaktion in Spr 10–15," 81-99 (abstract)
  • David Rothstein, "Cultic Offerings of Foreigners: The Exegetical Logic Informing Pesiqta Rabbati’s “Exclusivist” Interpretation of Lev 22:17–25 and Related Biblical Passages," 100-116 (abstract)
  • Walter Groß, "Die Angst der neuen Einheitsübersetzung vor ihren Lesern," 117-125 (abstract)

Πέμπτη 12 Απριλίου 2018

Η Adele Reinhartz για τον κατά Ιωάννην / Adele Reinhartz on the Gospel of John

Η Adele Reinhartz, καθηγήτρια της Καινής Διαθήκης στο Πανεπιστήμιο της Ottawa, συζητά το προσωπικό της ταξίδι στην έρευνα και ερμηνεία του κατά Ιωάννην ευαγγελίου:

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του JSPs / In the current issue of JSPs

Journal for the Study of Pseudepigrapha 27:3 (2018)

  • Michał Marciak, "Idumea and Idumeans in the Light of the Pseudepigrapha," 163-203 (abstract)
  • Warren C. Campbell, "Inverted Hybridities: Reactions to Imperialism in Select Pseudepigraphic Ezra Materials," 205-234 (abstract)

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του JAJ / In the current issue of JAJ

Journal of Ancient Judaism 8:1 (2017)

  • Aaron Koller, "The Self-Referential Coda to Avot and the Egyptian-Israelite Literary Tradition of Wisdom," 2-25
  • Siegbert Riecker, "Die Erkenntnisverheißung im Buch Exodus: Ein verunglückter Sprechakt?," 26-41
  • Elisa Uusimäki, "Maskil among the Hellenistic Jewish Sages," 42-68
  • Justin P. Jeffcoat Schedtler, "Perplexing Pseudepigraphy: The Pseudonymous Greek Poets," 69-89
  • Tzvi Novick, "'I am Not a Butcher': Authority and Expertise in Rabbinic Laws of Meat Production in Classical Rabbinic Literature," 112-144

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του HTS / In the current issue of HTS

Hervormde Teologiese Studies 74:1 (2018)

Τετάρτη 11 Απριλίου 2018

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του JThS / In the current issue of JThS

Journal of Theological Studies 69:1 (2018)
  • Will Kynes, "The ‘Wisdom Literature’ Category: An Obituary," 1-24 (abstract)
  • Anthony Harvey, "Daily Bread," 25-38 (abstract)
  • Jonathan Bourgel, "John 4:4–42: Defining A Modus Vivendi Between Jews And The Samaritans," 39-65 (abstract)
  • Stephan Witetschek, "Peter in Corinth? A Review of the Evidence from 1 Corinthians," 66-82 (abstract)
  • Peter Malik / Darius Müller, "Recovering the Lost Contents of PSI X 1166 (GA 0207): Codicological Reflections on a Fourth-Century De Luxe Copy of the Apocalypse," 83-95 (abstract)
  • Alin Suciu, "Note on the Alleged Arabic Manuscript of the Life of Adam, " 96-100 (abstract)
  • David Neal Greenwood, "New Testament Christology, Athanasian Apologetic, and Pagan Polemic," 101-105 (abstract)

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του HTR / In the current issue of HTR

Harvard Theological Review 112:2 (2018)
Paul A. Holloway, "Deliberating Life and Death: Paul's Tragic Dubitatio in Philippians 1:22–26," 174-191 (abstract)

Τρίτη 10 Απριλίου 2018

To τρέχον τεύχος του Henoch / The current issue of Henoch

Henoch 39:2 (2017)
Dangerous Books: Scribal Activity and Religious Boundaries in Late Antiquity and Beyond

  • Flavia Ruani - Joseph E. Sanzo, "Introduction," 195-200
  • Daniele Tripaldi, "Secret Books and Corporate Oaths. Coping with the Danger of Circulating ‘Sacred’ Texts in Some Early Christian Writings (2nd - 4th century C.E.)," 201-226
  • Joseph E. Sanzo, "Magic and Communal Boundaries. The Problems with Amulets in Chrysostom, Adv. Iud. 8, and Augustine, In Io. tra. 7," 227-246
  • Eduard Iricinschi, " 'They fabricate books in Ialdabaoth’s name' (Pan. 25,3). Threatening Religious Books in Epiphanius of Cyprus’ Heresiology and in the Nag Hammadi Writings," 247-269
  • Flavia Ruani, "Books of Protection, Books of Perdition. Book Imagery in Ephrem the Syrian’s Heresiology," 270-286
  • Yonatan Moss, "'A Religion Assembled from Many Religions'. A Syncretizing Characterization of Islam attributed to Cyril of Alexandria," 287-305
  • Gideon Bohak, "Dangerous Books. The Hekhalot Texts as Physical Objects," 306-324
  • David Frankfurter, Dangerous Books. An Afterword," 325-330
  • Paola Mollo, "The dôr of Hezekiah and the shepherd’s tent. Analysis of a metaphor (Isa 38:12)," 331-350
  • Dorota Hartman, "The 'Children of Abraham' in Luke-Acts," 351-365
  • Silvia Castelli, "'Non temere admittendae nec temere reiiciendae'. An Early Enlightenment Plea for Conjectural Emendation in Biblical Textual Criticism," 366-383
  • Shalom Sadik, "La place de la doctrine aristotélicienne du juste milieu et la primauté du peuple juif dans la pensée de R. Levi Ben Abraham," 384-396
  • Stefano Pellò, Iconografie testuali giudaiche nei versi di Xāqānī Širwānī (xii sec.)," 397-

To όραμα του Ιεζεκιήλ για τα ξηρά οστά στον αρχαίο Ιουδαϊσμό / Ezekiel's vision of the dry bones in ancient Judaism

Η ομότιμη καθηγήτρια του Πανεπιστημίου της Haiffa, Devorah Dimant, δημοσιεύει στο ιστολόγιο The Torah ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον κείμενο για την ιστορία της ερμηνείας του οράματος του Ιεζεκιήλ για τα ξηρά οστά στον αρχαίο Ιουδαϊσμό κι εξηγεί πώς από προφητεία για την επιστροφή του εξόριστου ιουδαϊκού λαού έγινε βασικό στοιχείο της πίστης του αρχαίου Ιουδαϊσμού στην ανάσταση:

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του GRBS / In the current issue of GRBS

Greek Roman and Byzantine Studies 58:1 (2018)

Στο τρέχον τεύχος του JECSt / In the current issue of JECSt

Journal of Eastern Christian Studies 69:1-4 (2017)

  • Paul L. Gavrilyuk, "The Epistemological Contours of Florovsky's Neopatristic Theology," 11-24 (abstract)
  • Calinic Berger, "Florovsky's 'Mind of the Fathers' and the Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Dumitru Stăniloae," 25-50 (abstract)
  • John Fotopoulos, "'Let Us Exercise in the Field of Scripture': The Correspondence between Jerome and Augustine for Insights into Contemporary Issues in Orthodox Biblical Scholarship," 223-247 (abstract)